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Little Riders


General Horsemanship and Riding

Ages 6 & Under - Private Session - 30 minutes - $50.00

This class teaches age appropriate skills to the best of our youngest horse lovers abilities. We focus on getting comfortable and confident around the horses, they will do equal parts groundwork and riding with a time frame that keeps them engaged and interested.

Ages 7 & Over - Private Session - 45 minutes - $65.00

This program teaches you skills to keep you safe, comfortable and confident in what you are doing with your horse on the ground as well as under saddle. We focus on building a strong foundation of truly understanding the fundamentals of riding so that you can feel comfortable moving off in any direction you want to go with your riding.​


General Horsemanship and Riding - Family Lesson (for 2 riders in the same family)

All Ages - Semi Private - 60 minutes - $80

This class is for 2 horse lovers in the same family who want to participate in a lesson together. Both riders will work as a team on the groundwork portion of the lesson which includes getting the horse into the barn, grooming, tacking up and untacking. For the riding portion they will split their time so that each rider has one on one instruction.

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